Please sign our petition to ask the Jefferson County commissioners to pass an ordinance to ban the use by county employees, contractors, and volunteers the use of all herbicides and pesticides along Jefferson County roadsides.

There are two petitions referenced on the web page.

  1. One petition is being circulated in our county and is available for signatures. Please be on the lookout for our volunteers and support this important process.
  2. Another petition is available online through CHANGE.ORG and a link to the online petition is provided below along with wording provided on that petition. We will collect the signatures from this petition and present them to the Jefferson County Commissioners.

Once we have enough signatures that we believe will impress the commissioners, then we will attend a commissioners meeting and present our petitions. We need to show the county commissioners that there are people in our community concerned with the issues.


Here is the wording for the petition being circulated in our Jefferson County communities.

“We, the members of Jefferson County Ecological Roadsides, and the undersigned, hereby petition the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners to adopt the following ordinance:

“No herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals shall
be used in road rights of way in Jefferson County, Washington.”

We do petition for the following reasons:

–There has been a 33-year moratorium on spraying of herbicides in Jefferson County on all County roads.

–The Jefferson County Noxious Weed Control Board began spraying in 2010 without public knowledge or input.

–The Puget Sound ecological region, including Port Townsend Bay, has been deemed ecologically sensitive for shellfish, salmon, amphibians, as well as humans.

–The state of Washington is in the process of restricting the use of pesticides (which includes herbicides) due to bee and pollinator colony collapse, salmon and other animal habitat destruction and human health concerns.

–Pesticides (including herbicides) have been found in Washington State watersheds and these chemicals have been found to be detrimental to human, animal and habitat health.”




Wording found on petition

Jefferson County Washington is located on the pristine and ecological sensitive Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.  Use of toxic chemicals on county roadways had been stopped 30 years ago. Recently the county weed board and county commissioners have resumed using toxic herbicides along county roadsides and right of ways.  We are asking that an ordinance against such practices be put in place so that all concerned parties stop this dangerous practice. At stake is the health of humans, salmon and other wild life, fragile native plants, streams and water supplies, organic farming, and all of nature.  Please sign this petition to help us create this ordinance to stop the harmful practice of using herbicides on roadsides.  Check out our website at for more information

3 responses to “SIGN OUR PETITION!

  1. My property was illegally sprayed by Jill Silvers group a few years back, she and her group allowed prison inmates to spray our area without supervision. We had no spraying signs everywhere. When confronted they said “OOPS” and nothing was done. most of our blackberries died, two cats died, and we no longer can pick our blueberries. We were brushed under the table by the county. I live on the Upper Hoh Road, Please all who read this sign the petition to stop pesticides.

  2. Can you give the dates of the spray events and location? If you don’t want to do it publicaly, you can send to I’m on the steering committee of JCER. Thank you.

  3. Hello, my main complaints; Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s all the roads of Camas County Idaho were totally lined with assorted wild flowers, but they are completely gone now. Gone also is the tasty Indian carrot, yampus. Still they spray roads nonstop. The debate is almost violent. Those who support all spray theorize that all MUST spray until disliked plants are totally extinct, everywhere. Everything else made extinct can then be replanted. This summer while we were gone on vacation for three weeks, agents came on my land and sprayed “skelton weed” without a warrent while I was gone only giving me a week notice while I was gone and unable to respond, (As this is considered a WAR the Constitution seems suspended!) is spite of the fact that my kids and grandkids had 3/4 of the weeds hand pulled, a couple days before by a call from me. What is really happening is that with all normal plants destroyed, the tough noxious weeds are more able to take over.

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